Lesley (lesley_82) wrote in jelliclemoonocc,


Hey everyone,

I'm terribly sorry, but I think I already have to drop out of this.

The point is that I can't keep up with this RPG, as you probably noticed. I haven't posted anything in days and the story is developing quite fast.

Then next month I'll move and start a new job in September, so there'll be a lot of stress for me during the next few months.

I think it's only fair towards you guys if I drop out and let someone else who has more time play Victoria.

I really hope noone is mad at me now. This RPG is developing great and I'd love to be part of it, but I just don't have the time.

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i will miss you leleey! :huggles: i luv you!
awww *huggles back*

And I'll keep the Victoria icon by the way...I already like it too much.

Have fun, everyone *waves* :)
^o^ still be my friend?
Sure! :-)

(and if anyone else her would like to friend me, just do so and I'll friend you back)