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Jellicle Ball

OOC for the Jellicle Moon

OOC Board for the Jellicle Moon RPG
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this is the OOC board where you can just be free! talk about yourself, show pictures of costumes, or shoes and such. and also, a place to ask questions about the plot if needed! here is where i will post the couples when they occure!


Couples So Far...eth?

Magical and Misto
Munkustrap and Demeter
Skimbleshanks and Jennyanydots


Profiles for OOC Characters

She's a kitten. She looks exactly like Quaxo. Magi is her nick name. She does have Magical Powers but she can't always use them correctly. Usually if she does they back fire.
She was raised by a human who was sick and since he was sick he never got out of the house. When he died she had to run away before they burnt the building down. Rumple and Mungo found her and became best friends with her